Wood/Marsh Pty Ltd Architecture


Victoria, 2009

The Balencea apartments have been designed as a positive and optimistic piece of architecture that will make an elegant and exciting contribution the St Kilda promenade and its collection of iconic buildings. The obvious view corridor to the site, created by the diagonal width of the street intersection, was identified as an opportunity for an architectural statement that would give prominence to this corner location. Balencea has a highly sculptural building form that has been derived from a series of interlocking arcs developed into a fluted extrusion. In perspective no entire elevation can be viewed at once which is intriguing to the viewer and reinforces the gesture of viewing sculptural form in-the-round. The concave architectural vocabulary, coupled with the use of a reflective glazed ‘curtain’ wall, creates a complex surface and level of reflectivity, imbuing the building with a confident identity within its context. Rising 23 storeys, Balencea houses 84 apartments of various sizes and configurations.