Wood/Marsh Pty Ltd Architecture


Port Melbourne, 2009

Beacon apartments are a six level residential building with ground floor offices and basement car parking, located adjacent to Port Phillip Bay.

The overall approach to the architectural language is for a highly refined and detailed building with strong links to modernism and abstraction. The building reads as a taut concrete envelope into which a finely detailed glass and metal form has been inserted. This inserted form houses sixteen apartments which cantilever out beyond the concrete envelope, reaching towards the bay and receding from the courtyard garden and city views to the north. The apartment planning allows for exceptional outlooks to both orientations as well as a strong connection between the two vistas.

Whilst the program is private, gestures have been put in place to engage with the public realm. These gestures include an abstract sculptural wall to the west façade. The fluting of this wall accentuates varying light conditions as the sun moves across its surface during the day, while at night a green glow emanates from the glazed slit at street level.

Within the context of the pastiche of various architectural expressions along Beaconsfield Parade, this building offers an elegantly refined and understated presence.