Wood/Marsh Pty Ltd Architecture


Melbourne, 2001

This commission involved providing the basic urban infrastructure for the new development in Melbourne of 220 hectares of land around the river and Docklands. This included vehicular, tram and pedestrian links from the existing western edge of the city, urban design features, road networks and public open space. The bridge, for pedestrians, is on axis with Bourke Street and is located by two red glass towers with large staircases from the pavement and a wall of stainless steel through which a ramp connects disabled access from street level to the bridge. Lining the bridge are red steel antlers that provide lighting and primary support to a stainless steel weather canopy. The western end of the bridge unfolds into a huge part ellipse that spans a new highway and cranks the pedestrian route off axis and towards the Docklands Stadium. The separation of form is accentuated with a pattern referencing Michelangelo's Piazza del Campidoglio. Also completed for this project were the Charles Grimes Bridge, Collins Street extension and the Latrobe Street Bridge. Wood Marsh also undertook extensive consultation with the Docklands Authority on the public realm and master planning.