Wood/Marsh Pty Ltd Architecture


Competition entry, Sydney, 2009

The redevelopment of the Andrew Boy Charlton Pool was an opportunity to revitalize a facility that has enormous cultural, archeological and recreational significance to Sydney and to re-establish one on the most extraordinary sites in the world with a piece of contemporary architecture.

Our new complex sits easily in its botanical and maritime context making the landscape and Woolloomooloo Bay both dominant features. While respecting the existing shoreline and archaeological history of the site, the new architecture locates itself proudly within the broader global debate.

This design carefully addresses these issues incorporating very simple geometric forms composed to reflect both the immediate landform of The Domain and the human body. The materiality of the building is generous in a tactile way and selected to weather naturally, relaxing into the site. The architecture is subservient to the site, beautiful, genuine to its function and part of a broader discourse.