Wood/Marsh Pty Ltd Architecture


Melbourne, Victoria

The height and scale of the proposed building is a direct response to the scale and massing of the existing context and fits comfortably with the adjoining buildings. The rectilinear volume sits atop a foliage-covered plinth, conceived as a reinterpretation of the surrounding fences overgrown with greenery and forms a direct visual relationship with the neighbouring Royal Botanic Gardens.

The clear, simple form of the new proposal is punctuated by a rhythmic pattern of windows and openings across the facade. Variation in the width and regularity of the openings control the level of privacy to the spaces within and create a finer grain of detail. The depth of these elements animates the façade as shadows move through and across the form throughout the day.

The glazing to the middle of the western façade is pulled back across the second and third levels to create a semi-enclosed terrace area. This allows glimpses through the building to the sky and a garden bed running along the edge of this terrace allows foliage to spill out through openings in the façade. This green element further strengthens the relationship to the Botanic Gardens and provides greater privacy to the living spaces beyond.