Wood/Marsh Pty Ltd Architecture



The design of the Geelong Ring Road project draws from contextual references that reside in the landscape and character of the region.  The horizontal datum of the planar fields, and the oxidized basaltic boulders, have provided the fundamental vocabulary for our proposal.  We have adopted a taut, metal fence for the sound barrier walls, clad predominantly in corten steel.  This finish, when oxidized gives reference to both basalt and the rich soil of the region.

Typically the walls run in straight lines with subtle changes in direction to give a crisp finish to the sound barrier in contrast to the geometry of the road.  Further highlights have been added through the use of brightly coloured acrylic.  These elements form the natural punctuation marks that we see existing contextually throughout the region.  Across the various sections if the road subtle changes are introduced to give a sense of place without compromising the sense of a continuous journey.