Wood/Marsh Pty Ltd Architecture


Hawthorn, Victoria, 2009

Light House is designed as a free standing composition of three-dimensional volumes, each housing a separate primary function. The principal volume is the bold concrete upper level which encases the bedrooms and appears to float over a glazed ground level, its underbelly exposed to the spaces below. These interconnected volumes sit on a concrete plinth which both grounds and articulates the building in its environment.

The house does not mimic historical styles found elsewhere in the surrounding context, rather it is a contemporary design that reinforces the streetscape by providing a robust and assertive presence. The principal street elevation provides a neutral façade with little embellishment. The upper level appears as a sculptural shell that encases and protects its inhabitants. The material palette of glass, concrete and zinc were selected to reinforce the pared back composition and lessen the overall perception of the building mass.