Wood/Marsh Pty Ltd Architecture


Victoria, 1996

The project is a conversion to the top level of an existing three storey warehouse located in a semi industrial precinct in Prahran. The dilapidated former rag trade sweat-shop was converted to a family home for a couple, three boys and their extensive contemporary art collection. Form, light, texture and materiality have been extensively explored throughout the interior of this residence in order to give us new understandings, interpretations and meanings of both the people and objects contained within. The existing perimeters of the structure is all that remains in an attempt to re-negotiate the relationship of the building’s interior to its eclectic and chaotic surrounds. The result is a number of different sculptural forms ‘inserted’ into the existing fabric of the building that re-interpret and challenge traditional notions of living. Through manipulation of form, texture and light we aim to test the validity of architectural elements, living and art by placing them in unexpected adjacencies and proximity with each other.