Wood/Marsh Pty Ltd Architecture


Victoria, 2000

The Yarra’s Edge development is located on the south bank of the Yarra River adjacent to the western edge of the CBD. The fifth residential tower of the development, it is comprised of 163 apartments riding 35 levels over a 5 level mixed use podium with a further 28 riverfront apartments. The tallest of the Yarra’s Edge towers, Tower 5 reverses the design expression of the preceding towers by creating a rectilinear tower above an organically formed podium representing the city grid and curving riverbank. The site occupies the important visual axis of Flinders Street, reinforcing the grid layout of the CBD and contributing in a positive manner to the skyline silhouette and the urban context. Tower 5 is a diamond shaped in plan with an inner form which is subtlety sculpted to reveal a bronze torso to the Flinders Street axis and culminates in a crown of bronze blades which conceal the rooftop plant. The podium form comprises of a sculptural skirt of tinted glass and anodized aluminum sheets which oscillate vertically to create a continuum of rhythm.