Abian Tower


The tower will add a shimmering sculptural form to Brisbane's evolving skyline. Its continuously curving and gently tapering facade results in a smooth form with no obvious front, rear, or sides. The flush, curtain wall-type facade of pewter glass with a subtle silver tint emphasises the three-dimensional quality of the building by creating a continuous skin. Importantly the appearance of the glass shifts according to changes in light, giving the glazing a dynamic, ephemeral quality.

The building offers spectacular views across the Botanic Gardens to the Brisbane River and the ocean beyond. Outdoor terraces behind the glass facade create relief from the elements and enable a seamless extension of the apartments' living areas. At the lower levels, the form flares out creating a dramatic canopy over the lobby and facility levels. Set in from the tower's form, these levels are distinguished by clear glazing and large mangrove-like columns through which glimpses of the shimmering, gold and green tiled lift core are revealed.

Two thirds of the way up, the tower is cut asymmetrically, reducing the visual bulk. Here, the facade breaks and reveals a two-storey apartment level with recessed glazing. The Cafe with it’s distinctive timber roof and the forest-like facade elements brings an additional scale to the arrangement. Guests as well as residents on the recreational level will overlook the lush tropical landscaping.

Abian Tower

A shimmering new landmark providing a soft interface with the surrounding built environment