South Yarra Apartments


Referencing the mansions that line leafy Domain Road in the prestigious suburb of South Yarra, South Yarra Apartments is a freestanding, symmetrical structure of classical proportions. Maintaining set-backs similar to the adjoining buildings, the three facades viewed from the street are tapered in the form of a pyramid, and are symmetrical from all elevations. It is this unique monolithic form and its natural-coloured terracotta cladding that signals its presence on the street. Its finely resolved materiality references the neighbourhood vernacular and, in particular, the brick dwelling immediately to the east.

This project reinforces the scale of the street and preserves the rhythm and grain of the area. It does not mimic historic styles found nearby; rather it is a contemporary design that improves the overall character of the neighbourhood through quality and permanence.

  • Royal Australian Institute of Architects, Victoria - Isis

South Yarra Apartments

A classically inspired, contemporary exploration of the potential of the type