Light House

Hawthorn, Victoria

From the street, little of the Light House but a sweep of concrete akin to a skate ramp is revealed above a high black wall, and this robust assertiveness is a welcome counterpoint to the mock-historical styles found elsewhere in the neighbourhood. Beyond the wall, the apparent weight of the monolithic concrete upper volume is fully appreciated, as it appears to float above a glazed ground level, reinforcing the classical idea of a sculptural mass upon a plinth.

A primary material palette of glass, concrete and zinc reinforces this freestanding composition of three-dimensional volumes, each housing a separate function. The concrete underbelly of the upper shell, which encases the bedrooms, is exposed to the spaces below, and mirrored in the concrete floor. In contrast, vertical black zinc and glazed elements create patterns of transparency and opacity, allowing glimpses of the equally structured garden. 

Light House

Robust and assertive – a contemporary counterpoint to the mock-historical styles of the street