Prince of Wales Day Spa


The project includes three different facilities: the Aurora day spa, the pool and deck for hotel guests and spa patrons, and a multi-function space associated with the hotel. The building consists of two zones with entry to both areas via the existing hotel foyer staircase. At arrival the two zones are screened by a mottled glass water wall; to one side is the spa and on the other side is the public area with the pool, function room and terrace leading from it. The two rectangular blocks were divided to articulate the two functions and separated by a water feature, which is recessed into the building and reflected in plan and elevation. An outer skin was designed to provide privacy, maximize light, and be flexible. The use of core ten fins creates vertical division and the moving screens provide a shading web casting a patterned ambience internally. 

  • Royal Australian Institute of Architects, Victoria - Prince of Wales

Prince of Wales Day Spa

An inner-urban oasis, discrete, sophisticated