St Kilda Triangle


The unique quality of the St Kilda built environment is characterised by its iconographic buildings and exotic landscapes. Although spread throughout the municipality, it is most apparent on the foreshore area and in particular around the Triangle Site.  It is these qualities we have acknowledged and abstracted into our proposal for the design competition.

 A fundamental consideration for our team was to connect the upper edge of the Esplanade down to the foreshore, and help mitigate the effects of the Jacka Boulevard road that separates the site from the beach.  In collaboration with SJB Architects and Tract Landscape, a suite of buildings were generated and connected by a series of different landscapes, lanes and open spaces.

The highly sculptural façades employ screens, colonnades and layers of planting as passive means to limit the exposure of the buildings, as well as to provide a strong yet inviting interface with the adjacent streetscapes.   The grain of the buildings diminish towards the foreshore where smaller timber pavilions appear as though they have been eroded and worn smooth by the marine environment.

St Kilda Triangle